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Homeschool Transcript Service

Creating a transcript for your homeschooled high school student can be overwhelming. SMART has experienced home educators who know and understand this process and are happy to generate a professional-looking high school transcript for your student (9th grade and up) from the information you provide.

If you are interested in SMART’s Transcript Service, please contact Glenna Toney at or 828-775-7949.

You may register here on our website by filling out the personal information and checking the box for Transcript Service at the bottom of the form. Disregard test dates or information, unless you need to register for testing as well for your student.

Cost: $100
(cost includes a reasonable amount of updates and revisions, usually 4-6) Payment will be made online after you receive the invoice from SMART. Information for the transcript will need to be submitted to Glenna Toney by email after registration has been submitted and you have been contacted to confirm.

The final transcript will be sent to you electronically by email. It will not be printed and mailed.


Transcript service is available for students 9th grade and up.

The following information will need to be provided by email: 


Parents name

Student Full Name

Student Birthdate

Potential Graduation Date

School Name

School Address

The phone number for the school/parent

A list of course titles with a letter and number grade, the year taken, if the course was taken at a community college or as a dual enrolled (DE) student or if it was an honors course, and how many credits (.5 or 1)

Example: Algebra I / 91 / A- / 9th grade 2020 / 1 Credit

Spanish 2 / 95 / A / 11th grade 2022 / Community college (DE) / 1 Credit

Any College entrance exam / test scores

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