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New to Homeschooling?

Let SMART Associates help!

SMART Testing Associates get many inquiries from parents who are interested in homeschooling their students for the first time and want to know the best way to get started.


Having your child tested with the Woodcock-Johnson IV Test of Achievement is an excellent way to get a good baseline for academic performance, in order to help you start homeschooling. Finding out the true academic level of your student in each subject area can be one of the most helpful starting points to homeschooling. Many other decisions can be made from the testing results. The greatest way to start off homeschooling correctly is with targeted learning suggestions and knowledge.

Homeschool Testing Discount

After testing your students, SMART Associates (all experienced homeschoolers and trained, talented, and knowledgeable educators) will take time to immediately explain your child’s scores and give feedback and suggestions for what may help you as you begin homeschooling. A 30-minute consultation time is included with every Testing Session. If you want even more guidance, we can schedule 1-hour homeschool coaching sessions where we will spend time with you answering your questions and help you get your homeschool off to the right start.


All SMART Associates are taking reservations now for testing. Each year in July, August, and September, SMART offers a discount to families that are new to homeschooling because we want to help you get started! Please put the discount code (NEWHS2022) in the discount code section of the registration form.


Contact a SMART Testing Associate near you ASAP via phone, text, email, or instant messenger; all contact information is located on our website. Discounted testing appointments for the Summer are expected to fill up quickly. So, please contact a SMART Testing Associate soon to get a testing appointment scheduled or just to ask questions and get more information.


SMART Associates have vast experience with homeschooling. We are willing and able to help you or anyone you know who wants to homeschool. Let us help you make that first step into schooling at home.

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