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“We have the test scores, now what?”

You have completed your Annual Testing and now you have the scores.  Other than filing the scores away, how can you use your test scores to help upgrade and improve your homeschooling experience? 

Glenna Toney will review testing patterns/scores and discuss how to use the information in the best interest of your child and homeschool.

Topics will include possible learning disabilities or difficulties such as dyslexia, processing disorders, retrieval issues, Asperger’s, autism, “sight-readers”, “word callers”, slow learners, advanced and fast learners and how to address learning discrepancies that can impact students. 

Glenna also plans to cover other topics such as using test scores to help prepare for college entrance exams, identify learning styles, identify right and left-brain processors, address processing speed concerns. 

(Access Password: Q2*3D5=0) 

This post goes out to all the parents with kids in school. I have a contact based in Asheville, North Carolina that travels to test children. She provides huge insight in your child’s learning style, tests to their ability, not to their grade level, and you get a report moments after the test is taken.  This test can be for public or homeschool children.

Do you have a student who is scoring differently than you think they should on their end of the grade tests? Do you have trouble teaching your kid the way you learned? Do you think you have a gifted child I need documentation for that? Check out the comment below and message me. I will hook you up with my testing lady. She’s rocked my world and can do the same for yours.
- Emilie
Teacher Helping Student
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