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Woodcock-Johnson IV

Tests of Achievement (WJ IV) Grade K - Adult


  • Primarily orally-administered

  • One on one testing environment

  • Provides parents with a 'snapshot' of their child's academic achievement

  • Includes consultation with parents to discuss test results and observations during testing

  • Also includes WJ IV Interpretation & Instructional Interventions Program (WIIIP®), which provides a detailed interpretation of student performance offering research-based interventions and strategies based on an examinee’s scores.

  • If this is your student’s first time taking the Woodcock-Johnson Test IV, then it is highly recommended (but not required) that the Broad Oral Language Cluster should be added to the Basic Test. This gives the Test Administrator more information and helps get a good baseline or the “big” picture of where a student performs academically.

The Basic Test: $110 (10 sub-tests, ~2 hrs.) Inquire about discounts during off-peak testing times

  • Meets North Carolina state home-schooling requirements

  • Meets Florida state home-schooling requirements

  • Qualifies for Duke Talent Identification Program with 95th percentile score

  • 13 interpretive clusters: Broad Achievement, Brief Achievement, Academic Skills, Academic Fluency, Academic Applications, Reading, Broad Reading, Mathematics, Broad Mathematics, Math Calculation Skills, Written Language, Broad Written Language, Written Expression

The Basic test includes the following Subtests:


  • Passage Comprehension - Application Test

  • Letter/Word Identification - Skill Test

  • Sentence Reading Fluency - Speed Test

  • Word Reading Fluency -  Speed Test (Tester may substitute Word Attack, a phonics skill test for beginning readers)

  • Spelling - Skill Test

  • Writing Fluency - Speed Test

  • Writing Samples - Application Test

  • Calculation - Skill Test

  • Math Fluency - Speed Test

  • Applied Problems - Application Test

Optional Testing Add-ons


+ $70 Broad Oral Language (6 additional sub-tests, ~1.25 hr) Highly recommended having administered the first time Especially useful if your child is struggling in several areas. This Test can Help determine if your child is struggling with Oral Language or Auditory Processing. (No Reading, Writing or Academic Knowledge required in this test) Includes 5 interpretive clusters: Oral Language, Broad Oral Language, Listening Comprehension, Oral Expression, Speed of Lexical Access


+ $90 Dyslexia Screening Cluster (10 additional subtests ~2hr) Includes Broad Oral Language and Additional Reading Clusters. Gives you a detailed Report in Screening for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities. Does not Officially Diagnose Dyslexia, but will give you information about your child’s tendencies towards dyslexia. Can be scheduled at a separate time from basic test, if needed. Please communicate this with your testing associate.


+ $30 Processing / Speed Cluster (2 additional sub-test, ~.5 hr) Useful for helping determine if you child may struggle with processing information for academic tasks. Helpful if you are noticing your child has trouble finishing work and/or struggles with timed tasks. 1 interpretive cluster: Speed of Lexical Access


+ $25 Specific Reading Cluster (4 additional sub-tests, ~.5 hr) More Detailed Report Concerning Your Child’s Reading Level and to gain insight what particular areas of reading they may be struggling with. 4 additional interpretive clusters: Basic Reading Skills, Reading Fluency, Reading Rate, Phoneme-Grapheme Knowledge


+ $25 Reading Comprehension Cluster (2 additional sub-tests, ~.5 hr) More detailed report concerning your child’s Reading Comprehension Level. 1 additional interpretive cluster: Reading Comprehension


+ $30 Phonics Cluster (2 additional sub-tests, ~.5 hr) More Detailed Report Concerning your child’s ability to read and decode words Phonetically 1 interpretive cluster: Phonetic Coding


+ $10 Specific Math Cluster (1 additional sub-test, ~.25 hr) More Detailed Report concerning your Child’s Math Problem Solving Ability. 1 additional interpretive cluster: Math Problem Solving


+ $10 Specific Basic Writing / Editing Cluster (1 additional sub-test, ~.25 hr) More Detailed Report concerning your Child’s Basic Writing Ability. 1 additional interpretive cluster: Basic Writing Skills


+ $25 Academic Knowledge Cluster (3 add'l sub-tests, ~.5 hr) Report Concerning your Child’s General Academic Knowledge Science, Social Studies, Humanities


Tests administered outside the SMART associate's home testing area will be subject to a travel fee.

Please contact an Associate to arrange a date and then complete the Registration Form below.

S.M.A.R.T. is an approved NCSEAA Provider. You may use your ESA+ class wallet account for students with disabilities to pay for Woodcock-Johnson Test Session.
woodcock-johnson group testing
How to Prepare for your Woodcock-Johnson IV Test Session with S.M.A.R.T.

Prepare for WJ

There is no need to study or prepare for your session in any certain way. These tests are intended to show you what your child can do academically without assistance or prompting and what they have stored in their long-term memory. 

If you would like to prepare your students for the types of questions that they will see during their Woodcock-Johnson IV evaluation, some things you can do are as follows:


  • Younger students may review basic addition and subtraction concepts. (Also they can review simple multiplication and division if they have learned it)

  • Practice basic mixed math facts with a timer. (Students are asked to do as many problems as they are able within the time limit. There is no pressure to complete all the problems.)

  • Review basic calculation skills such as multi-digit addition and subtraction, multi-digit multiplication, long division and fractions without the use of a calculator, with older students that have learned these skills previously.

  • Review applied math skills such as counting money, reading an analog clock, and solving basic word problems with students who have learned these skills previously.

  • Review basic sentence writing skills with students who have previously learned to write sentences.

  • Review basic spelling skills or letter writing skills.

  • Read simple sentences or words and answer questions with a timer. (Students are asked to do as many questions as they are able within the time limit. There is no pressure to complete all the questions.)

  • Practice how to fill in a missing word in short sentences or passages.

testing tips224.jpg

The Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Achievement is a very student friendly, low stress, and gentle assessment. All S.M.A.R.T. Testing associates will work with your child to make sure they have a pleasant testing experience.


The basic test consists of 10 subtests that measure students’ ability levels in reading, mathematics, and written expression. These assessments do not follow any particular curriculum, course of study, or state standards. It is a nationally-normed standardized test that gives a snapshot of your child’s ability to independently use the skills that they have learned in reading, writing, and math.


We recommend that you encourage your child that the evaluation is a chance for them to show what they know. Make sure your child understands that they will not be able to answer every question on the test and encourage them to try their best. The scores on a Woodcock-Johnson test are for your information to help you know how you can continue to educate your child.

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