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For the Woodcock-Johnson IV please contact a SMART Associate first to schedule a mutually convenient time or select "no preference". If you want to test more than one child, you must complete the entire form for each student. Thank you.

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We have been having problems with the Safari browser. If you experience problems, please try Chrome or Edge.  If the form is not working, please text the SMART Testing Associate to notify them of your registration. Thank you.

Look for an invoice in your e-mail from Smoky Mountain Academic Resources and Training within about 7 days after scheduling with an associate and submitting your registration.  A 3.99% service fee will be shared on all invoices.


SMART Associates can accept tips online or in cash.

S.M.A.R.T. is an approved NCSEAA Provider. You may use your ESA+ class wallet account for students with disabilities to pay for any of our services above. Please let your Testing associate know that you plan to pay using your ESA+ account and type “ESA+” in the additional information on your registration form. Thank you.

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