Glenna is amazing. She has tested all 3 of my kids since they were old enough to test. They never worry about test day and look forward to seeing Glenna each year. Even after we moved out of NC she has still tested my kids. She will make your children feel welcome and comfortable and make the testing day so much easier. I have always used the WoodcockJohnson and highly recommend it as well. - -Dara Reppe

This was our first year testing and we chose Smart testing after many high recommendations. Jennifer Baker exceeded our expectations. We had a family fun-filled evening after the test. I asked my son, “What was your favorite part of the day?” I was expecting him to say family time at Bo’s. He said, “The test with Ms. Jennifer, when can I do that again it was fun. “ I am thankful for the experience for him and the feedback that I received as well, we are both learning and growing each year. Thanks again!!

Tracie Miller Forrest

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Christy Plott has been such a blessing to us these past 2 years, especially for our daughter Coddington “Coddi.” We decided to re-homeschool Coddi after a horrifying experience of bullying at a Christian school that did not go well at the beginning of her 3rd year into that school. We were able to get her enrolled into Deep Young Academy, that’s when we met Christy. We needed a Math, Reading Comp teacher, and a State Tester. We originally used Glenna Toney for 3 years while Coddi was homeschooled from 1st-3rd grades for State Testing.

We were delighted to find out that Christy works with Glenna as a State Tester and tested Coddi in November to see exactly where she was academically. After assessing Coddi, Christy knew exactly where Coddi needed help. Christy retested Coddi in May, just 6 months later. Coddi made leaps of improvements, help her go above grade level in Math and Reading Comp! We were so impressed and overjoyed and we owe that to Christy. Not only is Christy a breath of fresh air for us because of her expertise, but she has helped Coddi overcome her fears of being bullied and helped her rebuild her confidence personally and academically.  >>READ MORE>>

Glenna!  It’s (testing) always a time I look forward to each year!  Bless you, on all your journeys through the summer.....stay safe & thanks for taking such great care of our kids!! - Cathy Osmear

Glenna has done our testing for years!!! She does a wonderful job and we plan to stick with her.  I am thankful for her flexibility, her gentleness, and my children trust her and look forward to their testing.  They are no anxious or stressed about it at all! - Jonelle Davis

This was my daughter's first and my son's second time testing, and both of their first time testing with SMART. Jennifer was exceptional with both of them. Right from the start, she had them feeling at ease and eager to work with her. She was very thorough, even to include things about their personality that I hadn't picked up on, and gave me great suggestions on how best to work with them and their particular learning style. We have been implementing so many of her suggestions and recommendations that the last several weeks have been an absolute blessing with my children, leaving us with significantly less frustration and better relationships. My children left their testing with smiles, giggles and hope for our future in homeschooling. I can't begin to tell you what a blessing you have been to our family. Thank you so very much! - Sarah Wojcik

Thank you for referring Christy Plott to us for EOG testing for our children. She is an amazing person. I love her approach and philosophy, the way she dealt with the children and emotions that came up and her overall happy and upbeat attitude. I loved how she was so positive about lopsided test scores and sharing her experience. Christy always made everyone feel special, smart, loved and supported.  I will be coming back to her again for testing next year. And also for tutoring for the children.  Best to you,  Christina M.

This post goes out to all the parents with kids in school. I have a contact based in Asheville, North Carolina that travels to test children. She provides huge insight in your child’s learning style, tests to their ability, not to their grade level, and you get a report moments after the test is taken.  This test can be for public or homeschool children.
Do you have a student who is scoring differently than you think they should on their end of the grade tests? Do you have trouble teaching your kid the way you learned? Do you think you have a gifted child I need documentation for that? Check out the comment below and message me. I will hook you up with my testing lady. She’s rocked my world and can do the same for yours. - Emilie

Thank you, Glenna for spending time with us yesterday. I asked the kids when I got in the car, “Who enjoyed doing their test?” They all chimed in, “I did!” 

"Lynn Leckron administered the Woodcock-Johnson to my two oldest children in December.  I truly appreciate her patience and kindness towards them during the test. Both of them were very comfortable and happy when they finished.  My eleven year old gets very anxious about many things, especially testing.  Watching him leave without any worry was a blessing.  We met her at the library in Saluda which had a great space upstairs out of the way.  The time she took going over the reports and offering teaching suggestions was much appreciated. Thank you and God Bless." - Heather Trevino

Dear Glenna, Thanks you so much for your testing service. Last year was such a blur for our family. Using your testing service and your encouragement, gave me the boost we needed to keep homeschooling. Many blessings to you and your family.

Thank you so much, Jennifer!  It's really great to see where I can make some changes to facilitate her growth and to see some of my initial reasons for choosing homeschooling after last school year validated!  - Kristen

To all my friends with kids... public school, private school, or homeschooled.
Once a year we do a formal testing with a lady who offers one on one testing with children. This test is so insightful. I get to meet with the testing lady after the children are finished and she delivers me a comprehensive review of their skills, their abilities and their deficits. She also gives me insights into their learning styles. Which helps me select my teaching style for them, each individually. It’s been worth it every year and I’m honored to be one of her clients. I’m going to put her link in the first comment. Feel free to message me for more information. The testing lady comes from Asheville, to our hometown of Murphy. She also travels to Florida, the East coast of North Carolina and all around.
Our little one tested this year for the first time and was so excited that he earned a toy frog afterward. It’s nice to have good feelings about test day. Not to mention; I’m meeting North Carolina requirements for homeschooling.
This is a great test if you need help with an IEP in public school, more information for your gifted child, or are interested in gifted programs such as Duke TIP. - Emilie Gates, Murphy, NC

We have been using SMART testing since we began our homeschool journey. Glenna is so good with my kids. She keeps them calm and confident during testing and her suggestions for curriculum have been invaluable. I can't say enough good things about it!! - Debbie Fredell

Glenna was fantastic!  I recommend her testing services to everyone.  She put my son at ease for his first testing experience, provided high-quality service, and was a wealth of knowledge.  She provided so many tips, recommendations, information, and practical advice - my consultation with her was priceless and unbelievably helpful.  Bonus - she was such an encouragement to me and my son!

We used Jennifer Baker for the Woodcock-Johnson for end of year testing. It was a great experience. It was our daughter’s first time to be formally tested and Jennifer put her at ease. The feedback was thorough and I appreciate the time Jennifer took with me explaining results. Thank you! - Melody Jenkins

The info that you shared with me during Eli’s evaluation has had an enormous impact on his learning and on our relationship, btw.  Thank you so so much! - Lorrie

I have enrolled C in the Duke TIP program. He will be taking the ACT in February. I have been able to focus my work with L better and have been able to meet her needs as a kinesthetic learner and that has lessened my frustration with teaching her. Your testing really made a difference in our day to day lives this year.  - Rosemary

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